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COP21 side event :

Multi-stakeholder Partnerships in Early Stage Project Development in the Municipal Waste Sector in Mozambique


One of the most important challenges for low carbon development in Africa is the relative inability of project developers to take their projects beyond the concept level or pilot phase. This so-called “early stage valley of death” has a number of causes, including the immature nature of policy frameworks and the elevated learning cost of doing everything for the first time. Third-party financing for early stage project development remains almost non-existent causing an 'Early-Stage Financing Gap' which has become a critical market failure that the private sector has been unable to resolve on its own.


In this side event, held on 9th December 2015 and co-organized by the Mozambican Ministry of Land, Rural Development & Environment and by the Belgian federal Climate Change Section, Mozambique (the host country government), Belgium (the donor country) and three civil society actors presented their respective contribution in an early stage project development initiative in the municipal waste sector in Mozambique. The side event made the case that financing for project development is much needed but that public entities will need innovative thinking about how to structure such financing, considering the public procurement procedures.


The report of the side event

The presentations: