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In-country training on NAMA formulation in Mozambique



The Climate Change Service of the Belgian federal government organised, in close cooperation with the Mozambican Ministry of Land, Environment and Rural Development (MITADER), a three day in-country training on the formulation of Nationally Appropriate Mitigation Actions (NAMA). The training, delivered by three experts from the NAMAcademy (UNEP-DTU Partnership / UDP) to 15 Mozambican experts working on programmes eligible for international climate financing in the municipal waste and charcoal production sectors, was aimed to be hands-on. The trainers encouraged the participants to apply the concepts introduced to their specific NAMA ideas.

During the first day, the trainers introduced the participants to the context for NAMA development and the different steps to take in NAMA formulation. During the following two days discussions took place in two parallel groups: one focusing on the municipal waste sector and the other on the charcoal production sector.

The second day focused on discussing the concrete activities and attracting finance. Under the guidance of the facilitators, the participants identified data gaps and barriers for the implementation of the identified NAMA-proposal, mapped the value chain and revenue streams and identified financing gaps.

Measuring, Reporting and Verification was the subject for the third day and topics discussed include Business As Usual scenarios, modeling reduction potential and tracking sustainable development benefits.

In general, the participants felt that they received useful information that further stimulates their thinking about their NAMA proposals.  A lot of preparatory work has been undertaken for both the municipal waste and the charcoal production sectors but the two groups needed further discussions and agreement on the exact objectives of and institutional arrangements for the two NAMA proposals. Both groups planned to convene and seek agreement from the different stakeholders before their representatives pursue the NAMA formulation work during the NAMAcademy class room course which takes place from 4 to 9 October 2015 in Denmark. The Belgian federal Climate Change Service sponsors the participation of 6 experts to attend this classroom course (for more information on this course see www.namacademy.org).


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Participants discuss on a NAMA for the municipal waste sector:

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Discussions on a NAMA for the charcoal production sector:

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