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Belgian-Swedish Workshop on Equity (2)


On 19 May 2014, Belgium and Sweden gathered scholars, stakeholders and negotiators from over 30 countries in Brussels to discuss Equity in the context of the UN climate change negotiations.

Following the Belgian-Swedish meeting in Brussels in November 2012, and the NOAK-Belgian workshop in Stockholm in October 2013 the goal of this third workshop was to offer an opportunity to countries to explore ways to make operational the issue of equity in the context of the climate negotiations in general, and more specifically in the context of the current work that is being undertaken under the Ad-hoc Working Group on the Durban Platform (ADP) towards a new global climate agreement by COP21 in Paris in 2015.

The presentations during the morning session focused on the main messages on equity (in relation to sustainable development, mitigation and adaptation) that came out of the recently published 5th Assessment Report of the IPCC.

During the afternoon session, the focus of the presentations was more on equity in the light of the current state of the negotiations, by looking at the process for establishing and assessing the contributions.

The presentations of this workshop can be downloaded below:

Welcome and introduction by chair 

Sustainable Development & Equity

Equity and mitigation

Equity and adaptation

Equity and contributions (part 1)

Equity and contributions (part 2)

Equity and contributions (part 3)

20 May 2014 : an informal meeting among negotiators

The next day (May 20th), an informal exchange between climate negotiators was organised that focused on how to get an equitable agreement that is perceived as fair by all, and that is able to limit global average temperature increase to below 2°C by the end of the century.

They discussed the two main challenges that arise out of the Warsaw decision :

  • How can the Lima decision on upfront information guide parties in establishing a fair and ambitious contribution?
  • How can we use the time between Lima and Paris to enhance equity and ambition of the contributions that will be inscribed in the agreement in 2015?

More background information can be found in the background note on behalf of the organizers.

Summary report: 

  • Summary report by the organisers, in consultation with the Co-Chairs

Some pictures :

JP-Van-YperseleS.jpgJean-Pascal Van Ypersele - IPCC Vice-Chair

HohneS.jpgNiklas Höhne, Ecofys

PaavolaS.jpg Jouni Paavola, University of Leeds

FILHO-S.jpgLuiz Gylvan Filho, University of São Paulo

 Tom-Athanasiou-S.jpgTom Anthanasiou, EcoEquity

Arild-Underdal-S.jpg Arild Underdal, CICERO

Hakon-Saelen-S.jpgHakon Saelen, CICERO