Sectoral analyses

The sectoral analyses available below have benefited from discussions with a large number of experts and actors during workshops that were held between May and December 2012. These analyses are based on a detailed description of historical data, as well as expected trends. They allow to determine the main levers for emission reductions in each sector and their associated levels of ambition.

Slight differences can be observed between, on the one hand, the assumptions and intermediate results of these analyses and, on the other hand, the assumptions and results described in the report of the study (final report, summary of the findings and webtool). The main changes stem from a review of the demographic projections for Belgium that was performed by the Federal Planning Bureau in the meantime.

1. Transport 8.  Industry – Lime
2. Buildings 9.  Industry – Non-ferrous metals
3. Industry – Ceramic 10. Industry – Pulp & Paper
4. Industry – Cement 11.Industry – Refineries
5. Industry – Chemicals 12. Industry – Steel
6. Industry – Food 13. Agriculture
7. Industry – Glass 14. Energy