Modelling presentations

During a workshop that was held in March 2012, the Belgian teams that develop one or more models directly relevant for the analysis of the low carbon transition in Belgium, presented the key characteristics of their models and how they integrate some key aspects such as innovation, behavioral change, discounting, endogenous growth or distributional aspects.

1. DECC OPERA - Climact 7.  HERMES - FPB
2. Accounting Model - Federal Planning Bureau (FPB) 8.  NEMESIS - FPB, Erasme (Paris), CCIP, NTUA
3. EPM - Econotec 9. GEM-E3 - University of Leuven
4. SEPIA-LEAP - University of Antwerp 10. TREMOVE - Transport & Mobility Leuven (KU Leuven & TNO)
5. TIMES – Vlaamse Instelling Technologish Onderzoek (VITO) 11. PLANET - FPB
6. PRIMES - FPB, National Technical University of Athens (NTUA)